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My family recently adopted a German Shepherd named Niko. The family he came from had a line of cages outside for dogs and were desperate to get rid of him. (Obviously some bad pet owners) We had planned to find Niko another home more suitable because we already had two Golden Retrievers, however, Niko seemed to be a great fit.

After a few weeks, Niko started to show his true colors. He was aggressive towards our other male dog (Max), people he did not know, and even towards us in certain occasions.

It seemed we had tried everything to help Niko. We contacted a trainer over the phone who gave advice and set up an appointment with him.

Niko was only getting worse. He growled at us almost everyday, as well as, aggressed towards Max everyday.

A day before our appointment with this trainer, the trainer cancelled. It was devastating. Especially since my family wanted to just get rid of Niko. I, on the other hand, felt Niko could be changed.

After calling several trainers who never returned my calls, I began to find other homes for him. I knew nobody would understand him, but me. He would end in the pound, furthermore, most likely be euthanized due to his distrust of humans and aggressive behavior.

It was everyone’s last point and a trainer called me back. Some training sessions later (mostly training us on what to do with Niko), Niko’s behavior took a dramatic turn.

It still amazes me how someone else could not understand Niko and just euthanize him.

Humans do have a superpower.

*Your mind is a superpower. Use it the right way and you can save lives.*


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