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Facebook. The site that contains all different kinds of people: the people that get offended, the grandmother’s that don’t know how to use the internet, the argumentative people, and even the person that just shares cute puppy videos all day.

Currently in our world there is a problem on Facebook. Especially during the 2016 presidential race. The problem is Facebook arguing. People now, more than ever are arguing in comments like there is no tomorrow and I know the foolproof way to win every single one. 100% guaranteed.

In all Facebook arguments, one thing is for certain. NOBODY EVER WINS. Most of the time both parties are salty, butthurt, and their opinion on the topic of discussion never changed as well. So what do you do? After studying hundreds of cases, I have finally figured it out.

Don’t participate. Simple. You’re welcome.

Facebook arguments ruin friendships, ruin precious time, and all around don’t solve anything! So why participate? Why fight with Becky because she was giving your man a look. And why fight with Jeff for posting a funny meme about Donald Trump? Do you really think you are going to change their opinion and they are going to apologize for offending you? NO! It’s a free country.

Stop getting offended. Stop arguing. Every day matters and life is short. So don’t waste it arguing with your Facebook friends and just getting mad. Instead, why don’t you go out and play Pokemon Go with your friends! (Now that’s a friendly community).

One more thing, don’t be the instigator that starts a Facebook argument for fun. Nobody likes you.

Happy Facebooking!


Peace out Eagle Fam!

*RIP PokeVision and Pokemon Go Tracking*


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