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Having trouble waking up on time for school or are you having a bad day constantly? You are in the right place then!


Waking up is one the hardest parts of the day for some people, but it also is the most crucial. Believe it or not, there is a lot of truth to the cliche, waking up on the wrong side of the bed sets you up for a bad day. You can either wake and tell yourself you are going to have a great day, wake up and tell yourself you are going to have a bad day, or just tell yourself it is going to be like any other day. Through the time I have you here, I will not only show you how this cliche works, but tell you how you can wake up making everyday a great day, as well as, a productive one.

Let me begin by saying this works for people who are not morning people and who are too. I am most definitely a morning person (I love having so many hours of daylight!), but sometimes people of my kind can have trouble getting out of bed. It is just so comfy!!! Next on the list that I need to start off saying is, you need the proper amount of sleep. This should be self-explanatory, but do not expect to wake up at 6am when you went to bed at 1am. The proper amount of sleep for the average person is anywhere from 7-9 hours. (Give 9 hours for teenagers).

Now that we have our building blocks for good sleep we can get into the nitty gritty.

I am sure that you have probably heard this before, but it is best if I just cover it so everyone understands. If you have, skip this paragraph 🙂 But, your brain activity while you sleep actually has a cycle! You have two phases of sleep that your body alternates between when you sleep, one being Non-Rapid-Eye-Movement (NREM) and the other Rapid-Eye-Movement (REM). REM sleep is your deep sleep where your parts of your body may even become paralyzed. NREM sleep is a lighter sleep is where you typically start sleeping and where you want to wake up to. If you wake up during REM sleep, you may feel a lot more tired throughout the day, especially when you first wake up in the morning!

Link Here: Reference on Sleep Cycles 

Moving forward, after knowing how your brain functions when you sleep, you can have a much more rested night if you know your cycle and wake up during NREM sleep. How can you do this? Well, typically your body tells you when it is time to wake up, but there is a handy dandy app for it! There are apps that track your sleep cycle and wake you up when it is a good time during your sleep cycle compared to when you want to actually wake up! Great for being refreshed when you have a changing sleep schedule and no routine set. (FYI, your body loves routine, so if you can, wake up every morning at the same time.)

On another note, let’s talk about waking up and how you can set yourself up to having a great day! Let’s get one thing straight, you control your mood. Do not ever say, someone has ruined your day or even you made you mad. Ultimately, you control your mood and you will enjoy life a lot more if you choose to be happy. (This is something I have learned and IT WORKS) That being said, you can very easily wake up every morning and just tell yourself in the mirror that is going to be a great day. Then, do something that makes you happy in the morning. For instance, I like jamming out to my favorite music. So do that, and just tell yourself “it is going to be great day!” Keep that smile on our face and go about your day! I guarantee you will live a more fulfilling and happy life! Not to mention, happiness spreads!

Short story time:

One average morning, I was walking to my morning class and I saw a woman smiling. She was walking towards me, and she just kept smiling in the distance. Who knows what she was thinking about, but as we got closer to each other she looked at me (still smiling) and said “goodmorning!” After that, I just thought this lady was crazy. I mean how could you be so happy?! But as the day went on, I was happy because of what happened, and my day was incredible! So many great things happened! I do not believe this was a coincidence. Merely, I focused on the good things throughout my day and put aside bad news. It truly is amazing how the self-fulfilling prophecy works.


Finally, we know how to sleep the right way, and to get up on the right foot. Now here’s how to have a productive day: (The previous steps are required in order for this to work)

Download The Rock Clock on Google Play or the App Store. It’s an app I use by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and his goal is to help you complete your goals. So not only does it have fancy ringtones, it has a goal setter that keeps you on track! AND!!!! You get a welcome message from Dwayne every morning to keep you motivated! I find this app to be very helpful in keeping me positive and completing my goals! Furthermore, create a possible list! It sets your goals so you can always look at them! Lastly, check out our quotes to live by page! It has inspirational videos and sayings to keep you motivated! 🙂


Here are the lessons we have learned and what you need to take away from this blog:

  1. Go to bed at a decent time!
  2. Get into a routine
  3. Find your sleep cycle
  4. Wake up positive (play your jams) and stay positive (self-fulfilling prophecy)
  5. Download The Rock Clock to keep track of your goals


I hope you have enjoyed this article and I hope my advice/personal experience can/will work for you! 🙂


Contact me if you want your possible list posted for the world to see! (It will help you complete them too!)

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  1. Great article! Consider sharing with your parents, it will work for them too !!

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