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So school has sprung. Woo… (not.) But with learning math lessons, comes learning social lessons.

Homecoming is quickly approaching, and Prom may be upcoming this year for you too. I’ve been there and done that so here’s my 10 tips for surviving your school dances.


How to survive the dance:

Tip #1: “I don’t dance.” -Shut the f*ck up, yes you do. Man up and dance with your friends or girlfriend/boyfriend. You will have to dance when you get married. Might as well practice now.

I used to say the same thing until I actually danced with my girlfriend and I had a blast! And you know what? There are a lot of people that cannot dance. I remember when my sister went to prom with her boyfriend at the time, and he complained how he couldn’t dance. Well, guess what? He had an amazing time AND he danced!

Tip #2: You want to buy heels for homecoming? You are going to take them off as soon as you get inside!!! Don’t waste your money!!!

It is really quite funny for girls to be taller than their dates as they walk into the dance room or when they go to dinner. Then, when they hit the dance floor, the girl is just barefoot all night. Girls, I don’t understand this. I am sorry.

Tip #3: Don’t show up on time. Just don’t. The party always starts late. Go to dinner, take pictures, do something else fun in the meantime.

Tip #4: Don’t have a date? Go with your bros or girls! There really is nothing wrong with that.

I remember when I went with one of my guy friends and one of my friends that happened to be a girl. I thought it was some big deal to not have my own date, but nobody cared. Everyone is too worried about themselves.

Tip #5: You should at least go to one school dance to get the social experience. Who knows, you may have a blast.

So growing up I almost went to a Christian private school, but one of the main reasons I didn’t was because they did not have school dances. My parents thought that was ridiculous, as a big part of social experience is going to the school dance. They were and still are right!

Tip #6: Girls… do not coat yourself in make up. It’s my personal opinion and the majority of guys’ opinions that you look better with a natural look. Too much makeup just looks ridiculous.

Tip #7: Grinding? Ew. You will regret it in your future life. Trust me on this one. It’s much more fun watching your friends do it. It looks fun, yes. It’s not even dancing though. Some schools even ban it!

At one school dance I went to they had teachers on stage of the auditorium with flashlights. They would literally shine the light on you and tell you to stop over the microphone. Pretty funny if you ask me.

Tip #8: After party? Be careful out there fam. Your family, friends, high school, and even the police will hear about the stupid sh*t you do. Consider doing something else.

Tip #9: Guys, this is the perfect time to make your tie look sharp and dress sharp. Practice for the future job interview you are going to. I can’t tell you how many times I saw the boys dressing like slobs.

I don’t know why, but I judge men by the way they tie their tie. If it looks sharp, they are sharp. But if its a mess, they are a mess. Plain and simple.

Tip #10: Have fun. That is what matters. Stay away from drama and stick with your friends. 🙂


Like my tips? They’re pretty great, I know.

I hope you have a great time Eagle Fam! I have many more tips I could give or advice, so comment or contact me if you have any personal questions! Also, comment and tell me a funny experience you had!


Peace out Eagle Fam!

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