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All About The Resume

Looking for your first job? One of my pet-peeves is in high school they do not teach you properly how to build a resume. (They may teach you in some classes you are required to take freshman year, but that is at a time where it is too early!) Students need to be taught either their junior or senior year on how to properly build a resume, cover letter, and overall, land the job they are looking for! Since high schools do not cover it, I will! Take your seats because class is in session. It is time to learn how to make your resume!

A Brief Description

A resume needs to be a list of your accomplishments and current projects. This piece of paper needs to sell you and that is how you need to imagine it in order to understand what is going on through an employer’s mind. THINK: A resume is a single piece of paper that shows my accomplishments and current projects. It sells me.
Remember when you were learning how to write an essay and your teacher said the first sentence needs to have a hook? Well, think of a resume like a hook! A hook to give you a call for an interview so you can further market yourself.

What goes on a resume

-Your name, address, phone number, and email address.
-Your education
-Your previous work
If you do not have previous work you can show your organization involvement. Include leadership if you have any here or volunteering.
-References (I recommend two references. These people can be your coaches, teachers, or anyone that knows you well besides family. Try to stay away from adding friends to your resume references.
I have sent my resume to many employers and to colleges as well. Nobody has ever contacted my references, but you still need them just in case.

How to make your resume to market yourself

When finally forming your resume, I 100% recommend using Word. With Word 2013, you can search for resume templates. The templates include attractive formatting that will catch the employer’s attention. Google Docs may also have good templates that you may want to check out. I personally did not find many on Google Docs.

After you have a template you can easily plug and chug the information in on what you need. Use examples you can find on google searches.

Consider adding a professional photo of yourself to the resume. This is especially recommended as it will help the employer remember who you are. CAUTION: Be careful adding your photo in making sure it is appropriate as well as an attractive photo of yourself (Clean haircuts and business dress!) A sloppy photo can easily make the opposite effect of a hook.

Final touch: Use resume paper (a more rigid and formal looking paper) and hand it to the employer in person. This will ensure that the employer will remember due to the resume paper and adding your picture! Imagine having a stack of resumes on your desk and one piece of paper is not like the others because it is made from resume paper! This will definitely stick out.


I hope this information has helped you and lands you your first job or even your dream job! Let me know in the comments below what you think and contact me if you have anything you want to talk about personally!



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