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100% legit. Doctor Recommended. Take once a day…

Pokemon Go.

Now don’t look at me like that. I am being forrealzies. I ran 5 miles today because of that game. MY DANG GIRLFRIEND IS LUCKY so, I spent my time running to open a 10km egg! (I only got halfway -.-)

So here’s how the once a day Pokemon Go pill works. Get some friends to play the game with you and be extremely competitive. Eventually you’ll find yourself walking around to catch a sick new Pokemon or walking in general to open an egg for another sick Pokemon!

I guarantee you that it works! (Of course, not if you eat cake 24/7) BUT! By 2020, all childhood obesity will be abolished in the United States.

By 2070, it is predicted that every child’s calf in the United States will be toned AF.


My future plans

I really really really want to be able to share my life, tips, and experiences with young adults and children to help them succeed in life. I hope with Pokemon Go I can achieve this so I hope you subscribe to stay involved 🙂

What Pokemon do you have? Bet you don’t have Snorlax… I caught a 200 something CP one. The same one… Kerri got as 1155… I am not salty.


So there you have it peeps! How to cure obesity! It works! If you are thinking about losing weight or just want to be in shape I recommend do a little bit of dieting and PLAY POKEMON GO!!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog 🙂 If you have not noticed I am going to ATTEMPT to upload twice a week. Once on Friday and once on Monday! (Let’s see if I can do it)


Peace out Eagle Fam!

*Pokemon Go is dope. If someone doesn’t think so, unfriend them. You don’t need that negativity in your life.*


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