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So your teacher asks you to write another paper. Five pages long… Sucks right? Well, not so much if you know the secret! Typically, papers are written in Times New Roman font, but most of the time your teacher will not specify the type of font that is required. That means you are free to use whatever font you’d like! Including, the best of them all. Known as… Courier New. Courier New font is special. Courier New gives each letter the same amount of space. So when I’s are just a single line, they take up the same amount of space as the letter M or O. This makes for your papers to become much longer than they would be if you typed in Times New Roman. The best part, your teacher has no clue. It’s pretty fantastic if you ask me. I used it all through high school and […]

Photo Credit Everyone who is trying to sell you something (the smarter salespeople) tell you the EXACT SAME THING and to be honest, it really annoys the crap out of me. I cannot tell you how many websites I’ve been on, videos I have watched, or emails I have gotten saying: “This is the 100% way to achieve this..” or, “Other websites don’t tell you exactly how to…, but we will clearly lay out how to… and state the facts nobody wants to say!” This is an epidemic and this is wrong. Why? BECAUSE NONE OF THEM ARE TRUE. Honestly, it’s all bullsquirt to get you to dig deeper and end up buying whatever they are selling, or just go to their website/video to get ad revenue. Yeah sure, they may have somewhat good advice for whatever you are looking into, but in essence, it’s all the same on every […]

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