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Why are you even wasting your time reading this list when you could be doing what you should be doing?! …You’re pathetic!!! …Just Kidding 🙂 Set realistic goals/plan. Make a friend keep you on track by telling you to work. Set events/alarms to complete a section of the project. Often the hardest part of conquering procrastination is getting started. So, if you get started and complete a good portion of your project it’s much easier to finish it sooner rather than later. A good way to get started is to start the assignment right after it is assigned. This is because you are most motivated at that time to complete it. Eliminate distractions at your workplace. I recommend working at a library, it worked wonders for me. Use alarms to make you work for an hour and then take a ten-minute break. Rinse and repeat. Motivate yourself to complete it […]

Photo Credit Under Creative Commons License Don’t you feel bad for those less fortunate? Or think to yourself, if we just did this… it would solve world hunger. Well, let me tell you something it will never be solved. It’s not possible. There will always be poor people. In fact, it is the same reason why everyone cannot go to college. Let me explain. Let’s say everyone went to college, everyone would have a degree. If everyone has a degree, how do employers make choices on who is a better fit for their business? They can’t. At least not by a degree alone. So the degree becomes worthless in a sense. If everyone has a degree, the degree is WORTHLESS. Therefore, to show you are a better applicant to employers you will get a Master’s Degree, instead of just a bachelor’s. Now back to poverty. If everyone who was poor […]

Almost everyone grows up with the constant voice in their head saying “Do your best” because that’s what your mother would want. However, every mother’s vision of “your best” is different. Some children are told that if they aren’t receiving straight A’s across their report card, that means they aren’t even trying. That they might as well slap their mother in the face rather than bring home a B. Other students’ parents are more understanding and believe that teachers can be at fault as well. Or maybe it is just a difficult subject for them to grasp, and getting a C is an accomplishment. Away from the single subject of school, students are expected to be involved in extracurricular activities. In fact, from personal experience, these extracurricular activities include: Police Explorers, National Honor Society, taking college classes at my high school, and at the community college during summer and the […]

Photo Credit under Creative Commons I mean if you honestly think about it, it is. Why? Because you’re stupid kids. At least, that’s what the school administration thinks. Before I get into this, I just want tell you something that happened at my high school. I was walking to who knows where… (I did whatever I wanted pretty much). And I noticed the principal walking towards a school assembly. He had just finished a conversation with a friend and was walking away from his friend, but his bestie said something kind of weird. This guy said, “Time to kiss babies and shake hands!” Telling the principal that it was time to put on his politician face for this school assembly. Is school really like a mini country or prison? Do we really think we have power over our school? Most of all, why the f*ck does the school principal have […]

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