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Yolo right? (For those that are totally uncool… You Only Live Once = YOLO)


So let’s chat about yolo for a bit. We all think it’s just this funny saying to give you a reason to do something.

“I’m gunna be a little late to class today. Why? Because yolo.”

But we take for granted that we do only live once. Once a day passes by, it’s gone forever. The average human being gets 27 thousand days (knowledge sourced from my manager at Publix). That’s it. So we should really not use the the term yolo loosely, but quite literally!


“So Aaron, you think I should start a food fight? Take the title literally right?” Well, not exactly, but yes. All I am saying is, I wish instead of freaking out over homework all the time, I took a step off the path and smelled the roses a bit. You can start a food fight sure, but I didn’t tell you too. (Create a master plan so you don’t get caught with starting it… you’re welcome ;))


Here are some ways we can literally live by yolo:


  1. You like that girl/boy? Tell them. Stop waiting around for something to happen. You are wasting your time waiting around when you could be moved on to someone else if they don’t like you. Statistics tell us 1/10 people would date you.
  2. Show up to class everyday on time? Take a skip day. Go have some fun and be a kid with your friends.
  3. Start a food fight one day. Yolo right? (All seriousness, you could really get in trouble for this, know the consequences.)
  4. Make a video of something you’ve really wanted to do, post it up on Youtube, and show your friends. (I’ve always wanted to make a rap song)
  5. Take photos of everything and write down every time you make a good memory in your notepad on your phone. Then at the end of the year, look at all your happy memories!
  6. Go skydiving if you are 18 or do something that is on your bucket list. Don’t have money for it? Do what you can to get there!
  7. Listen to music more. Music is blood for the soul!!! (New favorite song right now, “Car So Fast” By Danny Gonzalez)
  8. Have a bad relationship with someone? Why hold a grudge and waste your energy?
  9. Someone make you mad? Nobody can make you do anything. The reason you are mad is because of yourself. You choose to be happy or mad.
  10. Have a dream? Start it today! Don’t delay! I can say, it will pay. (And I am that much closer to becoming a rapper. It’s that easy.)


“It’s the end of the world as we know it” – Song by R.E.M.


Life is ending and ending day by day. It’s time to stop going down the same path and time to start F*CKING LIVING!!! (Who says you can’t curse? Yolo right?) Make your dreams come true and start today!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and find it somewhat entertaining or inspirational. If you are looking for more inspirational stuffs check it out here!!! (yeah, I said stuffs. Yolo.)


I challenge YOU to comment and share this! Why? Yolo.



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