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“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Take five minutes to read this article and you will be well on your way to finding the answer!


My father has always expressed to me, “find what you love to do and then find a way to make money doing it.” Let this quote stick to you, because it is so very true. You will never have to work a day in your life, if you love what you do. Pretty simple right? During this greatly constructed article, we will look into today’s job market for what you should be looking into, give you a few ideas, then dig into the specifics on how to pinpoint what job out there is right for your personality. Now let’s get this straight. I am no professional of course, I mean, I am just a college student after all and the majority of college students out there have NO CLUE what they want to do! They flip and flop; it seems like they change majors more than women change outfits before they go out Friday night. (Hmm… maybe I should be a comedian). However! I do have quite a bit of experience in this topic considering I have found what I want to do and not to mention I have read a couple books, and seen my own friends and family finally choose the right outfit that are going to wear for the rest of their lives. So, let’s begin shall we?


First Section: Today’s Job Market

Today, the job market is starting its drastic turn into a new era of jobs. This turn has started since the Industrial Age, but it is becoming extremely more prevalent. This turn could be considered bad in ways, but also good in others! What is this turn exactly? Well, the turn into automation. Just look at the news! Automation is everywhere! From manufacturing, to ordering food online, and to now the replacement of cashiers in fast food markets. I mean have you seen these computers they are now implementing at McDonald’s? They take away your jobs people!! I assume you do not want to be a McDonald’s cashier as a career, but that isn’t the point. You see, jobs are becoming more automated. There is no need to have people mow your lawn anymore because it is becoming automated. There is no need to have truck drivers anymore, it is becoming automated! Same with so many other things! The solution? Create. I say it like it is something pretty easy to do, but the point is be the one to create jobs and create a business. Do not be the one that looks for jobs because soon enough they will all be automated in order to maximize profits for entrepreneurs and to expand even further!

But you say, “How can we ‘create’, Mr. Magical Guru of jobs?” (I’m quite flattered, thank you). The trick? Generate ideas! Think of when you were young and you were playing outside. What did you do if you were bored? You thought of a game! You created an idea for entertainment! Here’s a demonstration right now for you…

Aaron’s idea list:

  1. A theme park expert – Someone that you can hire to take your family through a theme park and is the expert on its history, the best rides, the best places to eat, and of course where to find the restroom!
  2. Wall Dresser – A dresser that fits into the wall, easy installation, and saves space!
  3. Self-Cleaning Toilet – Our windows on our cars self-clean with wipers. Why can’t our toilets do it?

So there you have it, three decent ideas to create in all of five minutes. It may take a minute to start and require some practice, but it’s easy!

Moreover, once you have your idea that you want to create, get to it! Do not just let it sit and say you are going to do it ‘one day’… get out there and do it! For example, I thought of this blogging idea for a website. I do not know much about coding a site, but I did it! This is why networking to people is important! If you do not know how to do it, I am sure there is someone else who does! (Thanks Daniel for helping me with some coding for the site, I love you!)


Second Section: “Real Jobs”

Let’s say you can’t think of an idea, for whatever reason, or you want to find a “real job” (having a backup is important too!), what do you do? How do you find that perfect career that is a job, but isn’t because you love it! The answer: the internet. That’s the answer to everything right? There are a plethora of quizzes out there that will ask you a bunch of questions then magically say “poof,” this is what you should be when you grow up! To illustrate how well this system actually works, my fantastic father (FF for short) took a quiz when he was in high school, and guess what! The number one career that said it should be is a home inspector. You know what else? After going from several different career paths, he is finally a home inspector. You should’ve listened to the internet dad! Furthermore, my own surveys said I should be 1. An engineer. 2. A medical doctor. And number 3. An entrepreneur. So what did I do? I pursued a path in engineering and found out I actually did not like it! Now, I am pursuing a career as a medical doctor, which I absolutely enjoy, and am becoming an entrepreneur by starting this website!

Here are some of the online career tests I have found 🙂 You’re welcome!


Check with your guidance counselor about testing. They may have some for you or suggestions themselves!

Online quizzes and questionnaires are not going to have all the answers to what you should be when you grow up. You can further dive into career opportunities by exploring career paths! Interested in art? Take art classes! Interested in engineering? Take Calculus 2 and decide you hate it, like me! 😀 Interested in becoming a doctor, police officer, firefighter, dog whisperer, underwater basket weaver?? Shadow one! Find an underwater basket weaver and ask if you can shadow them to see if it really is something that is totally wicked to you!

Lastly, the people that know you best are your own friends and family. Ask them what they think you should look into. After all, they are the only ones that know your true interests and what you enjoy doing besides yourself.


Final Section: Do not stress. It will come.

In closing, there is no clear cut science in finding out what you should be when you grow up. However, you can think of products to create, use the internet as a resource, dive into possibilities, and ask your friends and family. I can promise you, as long as you stay pro-active, your future career will come to you. Just remember one thing, “Find what you love doing and find a way to make money doing it. Only then, will you never work a day in your life.” – John Shishilla



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  1. Great ideas here! The main point you make, in my opinion is to THINK ABOUT IT! Start early, use the available means to look into possibilities, and follow your dreams.

    • The High School Digest says:

      Thank you for your reply! And for sure! Many students just keep telling themselves “I don’t know what I want to do,” and wait as if it’s going to show up one day!

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