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Everyone who is trying to sell you something (the smarter salespeople) tell you the EXACT SAME THING and to be honest, it really annoys the crap out of me. I cannot tell you how many websites I’ve been on, videos I have watched, or emails I have gotten saying: “This is the 100% way to achieve this..” or, “Other websites don’t tell you exactly how to…, but we will clearly lay out how to… and state the facts nobody wants to say!”

This is an epidemic and this is wrong. Why? BECAUSE NONE OF THEM ARE TRUE. Honestly, it’s all bullsquirt to get you to dig deeper and end up buying whatever they are selling, or just go to their website/video to get ad revenue.

Yeah sure, they may have somewhat good advice for whatever you are looking into, but in essence, it’s all the same on every place that is giving out the same advice. None of them have an edge. What it really boils down to is price, and the liking of their customer service.

So why am I ranting? Well, I want everyone to be aware of this. Don’t follow the clickbait, and try not to get all excited when they make huge promises. But most of all, I think the way business is being handled is going to change as years pass. It’s happening now.

Let’s think grocery stores here:


Publix is a rising supermarket that is growing and growing. If you do not have one in your state (they’re mainly found in the south), I do sincerely apologize. Your “Pub Subs” and BOGOS will be there as soon as possible. Anyway, Publix prides itself on customer service. For example, the shelves are always stocked neatly (compared to Wal-Mart) and let’s say you have a complaint… Well, “here’s a giftcard. We are so very sorry.” (even though you are totally crazy).

Wal-Mart on the other hand, or McDonald’s, is just like… “F*ck you. Buy sh*t and get out. Don’t like us? That’s okay, you’ll come back because here’s that item you really want, for dirt cheap”


On a sidenote, I just love the vines and memes about Chick Fil A vs. McDonald’s. If you haven’t heard of them, they go a little something like this:

Chick Fil A drive through: “Goodmorning, thank you for coming to Chick Fil A! It is a wonderful 72 degrees out this morning. How can I serve you? 🙂 (and the welcome response is always the famous line, “my pleasure!”)

McDonald’s drive through: “Go head.” …. “That’ll be $17.38” **dope music sounds**

See the difference? Customer service is key nowadays. People love it!

To Conclude


This website is based solely on customer service. That’s its whole job! And there are many others out there that are supposedly doing the same thing, but suggest they have advice or a product that is guaranteed to work or they will give you the secret to whatever, BUT NO! THERE IS NO SECRET SAUCE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.


If you have read this blog to its entirety and are here now, I want to personally thank you and say I love you 🙂

If you liked anything I have said or have comments about it, comment below (tell me about yourself at least!) and subscribe to hear more of my blogs.


A message businesses or websites like McDonald’s: Provide the great products, don’t use click bait to get us to come, and then just disappoint the consumer. Plain and simple. Instead, be happy and thankful we are coming to you in the first place.


Peace out Eagle Fam!

*Colin Kaepernick… Have you heard of him?*



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