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The Secret Meaning


Finding Nemo may just be a children’s movie to tell a story about a clownfish who lost his son, Nemo, to you. However, what if I was here to tell you there is a secret meaning behind it all. A meaning you can use for when you have kids of your own and a meaning you can use now to explain your own behavior as a teenager?

That is exactly what we will unravel as we look at each major set of events in Disney’s Finding Nemo.

Everyone knows the tragic story of Finding Nemo. Marlin and Coral, the two clownfish, are marveling at their soon to be children when a barracuda comes to eat. Coral dies protecting her kids and Marlin is devastated. This event causes the setup of the entire message so pay attention here. Marlin refuses to let anything bad happen to Nemo, his only son remaining, after this event, causing him to never let him out of his sight.

Marlin, having experienced the loss of his wife and so many of his kids, does not want to lose Nemo so he acts protective. Examples including: not wanting Nemo to leave with his new friends at school, as well as, not wanting to go to the “drop-off”. Nemo has a bad fin and can’t swim as well as the other kids, only prolonging his father’s feelings.

Now we know that Marlin is protective, what does Nemo want to do? Well, Nemo is tired of his dad not letting him do the things he wants so he reacts. When Marlin suspects Nemo is going to disobey his orders, he swims to take action. Nemo goes to touch the big butt*, after his dad told him not to. Of course Nemo should not have done that because it’s way too dangerous, which leads to his inevitable capture by scuba divers.

And at this point, the middle of the story is irrelevant to the message other than your parents always love you and will do anything for you, BUT…

Towards the end, Nemo learns a lot with his new friends in a tank. Once he is reunited with his father, he is eternally grateful, but knows he can handle more. Nemo told his father he could save the many fish who were trapped in a net. He lets go of Nemo’s fin and trusts him to save the fish captured by the net (including Marlin’s companion, Dory). Nemo then helps all the fish swim down together to break the net line and be freed. This teaches Marlin a huge lesson on parenthood and he realizes Nemo can handle a whole lot more than he has previously thought.



Protective parents lead to rebellious kids. Our evidence comes from the story “Finding Nemo”, but also from real life.

Have you looked at yourself and noticed the rebellious things you have done against your parents will? Or maybe what your friends have done? From experience in high school, the friends that rebelled the most (aka… did the wrong things) had the most protective parents. There is always a way to sneak around parents. If parents have that perfect balance between being strict, and not caring at all, the children will have no reason or will to sneak around. Kids or teenagers can, and will, lie. But, it doesn’t make them bad kids. Moral of the story is, strict parents make those “bad” kids.



Look into your own life and see if you are rebellious and if your parents are protective. There are of course exceptions to the rule, but this is typically what happens.

You don’t want to be the overprotective parent. Most of the time it leads to lying kids. I know from growing up with my siblings and from looking into my friends’ lives.

Note: The first born child of a family is typically the most rebellious because parents are more strict since they have never had a child and have not learned to let go.

*Butt means boat


-Kerrianna and Aaron

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