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I mean if you honestly think about it, it is. Why? Because you’re stupid kids. At least, that’s what the school administration thinks.

Before I get into this, I just want tell you something that happened at my high school.

I was walking to who knows where… (I did whatever I wanted pretty much). And I noticed the principal walking towards a school assembly. He had just finished a conversation with a friend and was walking away from his friend, but his bestie said something kind of weird.

This guy said, “Time to kiss babies and shake hands!” Telling the principal that it was time to put on his politician face for this school assembly. Is school really like a mini country or prison? Do we really think we have power over our school? Most of all, why the f*ck does the school principal have to be a politician?! Can’t he just be himself? Is there something he’s hiding?

…There goes my chance to meeting up with my school principal to talk about my website. #Whoops.


So hear me out okay?

Schools are typically locked down when it is in session. I mean yeah, except the front door where regular citizens can walk in, but the students can’t exit because there are obviously administrators. Prison like? Maybe.

Furthermore, you are in rooms with one teacher at all times with your group of classmates and you can’t leave. If you aren’t familiar with prisons, most prisoners are grouped together in big rooms with one guard and a bunch of side rooms with cells for like two prisoners each. The big rooms hold the bathroom and a general middle area for playing cards or whatever. Prison like? Maybe.

Even further, there is one person (the principal) that oversees the entire school and has a politician face to you, but a real side to their friends. Does this remind you of the Warden? Yeah… so?

Lastly, you all eat lunch together and the food sucks! Prison like? Yep.


I can go on and on about other attributes on school and how they relate to prisons, but my point here is to raise awareness towards this. Why does school (a place we trust with our kids) treating our kids like they’re in prison?!

“BUT butt butt Aaron!!! It’s because if they lose a kid it’s they’re fault!” No, no, no. You see, if they give the kids their own responsibility, it is the parent’s job to raise them to have that. Not the schools. You want to go to study hall instead of class because you have a huge test coming up in another class? Go ahead. You want to wear jeans with holes at the knees? Go ahead. You need to go to the bathroom? Go ahead! You want to skip school entirely? GO AHEAD!

At college, you can basically do whatever the f*ck you want. But if you don’t own up to your responsibilities then you have the consequences to deal with. The professors, the president of the university, nor your mother is going to watch you and make you do things. So why is there a difference between high school and college so drastic?!

Why am I just now learning how to pay taxes, budget, and live on my own, when am I supposed to be doing it right now??? Stupid right?

Like I said I can go on and on. But I am going to stop because you get the point. You’re welcome.


I hope you enjoyed this blog and can understand my point. 🙂

Comment below if you are in prison! ..I mean high school.


Peace out EagleFam!

*Remember 9/11*



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