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You have friends in high school, right? …I didn’t… but that doesn’t matter.

Anyway, say goodbye to those friends! They don’t matter. Yup. Becky, from your English class, she does not matter. That hot guy, Jake, in your science class, he does not matter. Wanna know why? I’ll tell you anyway. BECAUSE OF COLLEGE! And life.

As much as you would like to stay in contact with your friends you can’t. The reason is because everyone goes in their own direction. Everyone goes where is best for them and in return, they find a new group! They find new friends and become busy with their new life in college.

(I cannot tell you how many times I have seen friendships die off).

So, what’s the point of this update? Don’t cling to your friends too much. There is a 99.9999% chance you will split up with them and go off in your own direction. Trust me, it will be easier on yourself if you learn how to eat lunch by yourself and live without talking to anyone. It will happen right after you graduate high school. All college students have gone through it.

Don’t get me wrong though! Don’t tell your friends goodbye now! Have some fun hanging out with them all the time, just be ready once you get that acceptance letter from a college.


*(Me singing in the background) “Why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be frieeenndss?!”*

Peace out Eagle Fam.



PS: This is a response post to Cling

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