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Need some inspiration? Then, look no further are The High School Digest’s Quotes to Live By!


Possibly the best motivational speech EVER!

It’s all about who you know…

You can never go wrong with networking (future blog about networking coming soon!)..


Forget Everything And Run OR Face Everything And Rise
*Dedicated to those who faced everything and rose when everyone else ran.*

Your Why Video

Will Smith Quote

I will not be out-worked, period. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things: You’re getting off first, or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple, right?
You’re not going to out-work me. It’s such a simple, basic concept. The guy who is willing to hustle the most is going to be the guy that just gets that loose ball. The majority of people who aren’t getting the places they want or aren’t achieving the things that they want in this business is strictly based on hustle. It’s strictly based on being out-worked; it’s strictly based on missing crucial opportunities. I say all the time if you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready.
Will Smith

Communication is key.

Especially in relationships. Trust me on this one.

Embrace change.

Ever read the book “Who Moved My Cheese”? Well, you should. Here’s a short summary of it here.

Patience is a virtue.

Explanation coming soon… patience..

Life works in mysterious ways.

Didn’t get what you wanted? There’s a reason for it.

Everything happens for a reason.

See above^ 🙂

Don’t compare yourself to others.

It’ll just bring you down, and everyone is not going the same place you are!


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Live life to the fullest!!!

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