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Procrastination: The Named Evil

We have all tried to fight it and ultimately epically failed at doing so. We have all even believed that we can avoid it by basically reprimanding ourselves before it starts its potent reign. Procrastination. This named evil has haunted students for centuries and it’s not going to stop any time soon. So for that, I’m here to tell you some things that have helped me overcome it. There’s no arguing that procrastination is a strong force of nature which means that you will A. need a strong reward and B. to fake it until you make it!

Being a student, well a good one, is one of the most underrated jobs in society; we go through so many psychological and physical predicaments as we go through our school career, most of which could’ve been avoided if you didn’t wait until the night before to work on that paper assigned a month ago! When I feel procrastination creeping up, I give myself rewards for a certain amount of work I do. So lets say when I finish reading two pages of my textbook, I can go on Facebook for five minutes and watch cat videos (true story). If social media doesn’t motivate you enough, give yourself a snack for doing a good job; it’s okay if you feel like a dog while you’re at it, work is being done!

Don’t forget though that a reward doesn’t have to be something that is tangible, think of where and who you want to be a month or even a year from now. Your goals can be a pretty powerful motivator, believe me because medical schools’ requirements are no joke. You can also think about how relieving it will be to turn that assignment in and you’ll have the rest of the night to yourself, no school work to think about. Lastly, if it all fails, think of the people around you who want you to be successful, what will you say when you have to admit that you failed that test just because you stayed up watching Netflix instead of studying. How will you feel knowing that they know of your lack of self-input?

In another hand, I once had a teacher tell me to fake it until I made it. Fake that you absolutely love the tedious task that you are doing, so yes it does mean you love doing those 20 math homework problems. The more you fake it, the more you’ll learn to like it. At first you’ll feel like it’s a ridiculous idea, just like I did, but don’t stop because I promise you this works! I have used this for so many of my classes in college and I can guarantee you, your GPA will thank me later for this tip. So read that textbook and actually try to forget about you not liking it for that little while because you really need that A!

Procrastination is only defeated by two weapons: motivation and action; So choose accordingly my dear reader. Try not to get engulfed by the comforts of doing nothing because doing something and finishing feels even better. Not only that but remember, accomplishment tastes better than those chips you are eating while catching up on your favorite show instead of doing tonight’s homework.


-Perla Jimenez, Sophomore, UCF

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  1. Great Stuff ! I was going to put off reading it….glad I didn’t 🙂

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