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What is a Possible List?

I was wondering the same thing when I came across the “Impossible List” page on Thomas Frank’s website, the creator of Collegeinfogeek, who originally received the idea from Joel Runyon. To put it simply, an impossible list is an ever-changing bucket list, however, it adds items, such as, professional goals and financial goals, that separates it from the bucket list idea that says, “I wanna go skydiving before I die.” As you may be thinking, my own impossible list is not named an impossible list as you probably can read from the title. That is because I personally believe your impossible list should be possible!

This all being said:
Go ahead and check out my Possible List and create your own! It really keeps you on track to achieve your goals! Contact me when you have made your own and we can upload it to the site!

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Author – Adrianne Adkins

Leslie Shishilla

Brittany Barreiros

Aaron Shishilla’s Possible List Created on: February 26th, 2016

Professional Goals
  1. Become an inspiration to others
  2. Learn how to make a website
    a. Have a website of my own
  3. Create my own phone app
  4. Write my own book
  5. Become my own boss
  6. Write my own rap song that goes viral
  7. Create my own clothing line
Habit Goals
  1. 1. Reading
    a. Have a bookshelf with all of the books I read
  2. Running three days a week
  3. Always Save Money
Fitness Goals
  1. Complete a tough mudder
  2. Run a 6 minute mile
  3. Be able to complete 20 pull ups
  4. Be able to complete 50 SOLID push-ups in one set
    a. 75 SOLID push-ups
Fun Goals

1. Learn to snowboard
2. Skydive
3. Travel to other countries
4. Travel around the U.S.

Financial Goals
  1. Graduate undergrad debt free
  2. Always Save Money

1. Live life to the fullest



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