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If you are like most teenagers, you stay up late at night (possibly doing that 20 page paper you procrastinated on) and then you have to wake up in the early morning to go to school. BUT… you stayed up late so that equals sleeping in later because you are so tired and in return you rush out the door skipping breakfast. Is this a bad habit? How bad is it really for you? Well, I ain’t no scientist, and I ain’t no good Englisher either, however, I can tell you from personal experience about the wonders of breakfast.

As a freshman, I was like most. I never ate breakfast and I would have my first meal at lunch. I was never really hungry until then; I was also a little bit chubby. However, my mother always told me I should eat breakfast, but of course, I gave the excuse of, “I never have time!” But I decided to give it a try with how much my mother was harping on me about it.

For almost a year, I would eat a single small granola bar, or cereal bar before school. Typically, I’d just grab one out of the pantry and go on my merry way to school. I also drank a little bit of water just to help it get it down. To be honest, I never really wanted to eat it and I never felt hungry, I just forced myself to do it.

As time passed, I realized my body became more and more hungry. I began wanting this granola bar and water. If I didn’t have one, I’d honestly be starving all the way to lunch. It became so bad that my stomach growled violently during class when everyone was quiet. Honestly, kind of embarrassing at the time. Furthermore, I found it started taking even more food to fill me up. Instead of eating one granola bar, I was eating two and drinking a half bottle of water. Even then, my stomach was growling before lunch. My stomach never growled before like this!

Not only was I feeling more hungry and eating more, but I was actually losing weight. I will admit I was growing taller, but I went from weighing 150lbs to 135lbs after growing a couple of inches. I was getting skinny and I was eating more. Why? The magical part of snacking and eating breakfast.

Breakfast and water kickstart your organs and body. Your metabolism has to start working so by the time lunch hits, your body is awake and is quick to digest the food. If you keep up with snacking every 3 hours or so your body will keep doing this, I promise you. (Google it, I am not lying).

Moral of the story? Eat your damn breakfast. Start with something small even if it is hard to get down. You will not only feel better in your morning classes, but if you keep with the small snacking (somewhat healthy stuff of course, no snacking on cookies) your metabolism will pick up speed which possibly will allow you to lose a little fat.


I hope you use my personal experience because breakfast can make such a difference. Comment below!!!


Peace out Eagle Fam!

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