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“I just want a job. Anything.”

I feel like that’s something every teenager says when they are looking for their first occupation. Really what they mean is, I want money. And yes, I get it, but think about it for a second. Wouldn’t you much rather do some research on job opportunities and land a career rather than work at Joe Blow’s Fast Food Restaurant?
I am here to tell you that it is possible out there to land a job and easily make it into a livable career without a college degree. (I recommend getting a degree, of course). Honestly speaking, it’s actually pretty simple to make a job a career. First, land a low job with that company, give them your time, and then the benefits will hit as well as promotions.
Here’s how I know this… Publix, where shopping is a pleasure. That is the company I work for currently. It was listed on Fortune’s Top 100 places to work this year and let me tell you it was for a darn good reason. I couldn’t even imagine what the number one spot company is like.
After 90 days of working at Publix you have the opportunity to get dental, life, and vision insurance through Publix. At 6 months of working, you receive a raise (every six months) as well as, you receive reimbursement for your college classes (if you take their selected majors, there’s a bunch) AS WELL AS, at 6 months you are able to start your 401k. (Basically free money. Example: 3% of each paycheck goes into a retirement account and Publix will match it and put that in your account). And at a year of working with Publix, you are eligible to buy Publix stock, not mention, they give you stock anyway after that year. Tell me how that isn’t cool?!
My previous job fyi, I didn’t hear about any of this stuff. I got paid minimum wage and yeah, that’s it. Not going to mention which place, but…. I worked on a college campus.
If you are a hard worker at Publix and a good one, you will be rewarded with full-time employment (gives you more benefits and more money). Then, you can easily move through the chain of jobs, such as, assistant manager of the deli, then manager, then assistant manager of the store, then finally manager of the store. Now that’s store level. There’s more to move up… But the best part is you can do all of that and make great money, furthermore, you can do it without a college degree (or have Publix pay for it). Assistant managers make about 40k a year, department managers 60k, and the store manager could make over 100k easily. My assistant manager is 22 right now fyi. That’s just insane. He is making more than some 40 year olds I know that have had the same job for 20 years. (Not kidding). Another tidbit of info, the current CEO of Publix, started out as a cashier for Publix.
So here’s the thing, do your research from this list. Take your time in selecting which job you want. Work for Publix even if you live in the southeast. Don’t just settle for a minimum wage job with nothing attached to it. I have been there and it sucks. Take my word for it.

I hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment below and tell me your experiences!
Peace out Eagle Fam!
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