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Pictured Above: Kerrianna viewing the Pulse Shooting Memorial.

Kerrianna Jadunandan is an avid student, police explorer, and editor of The High School Digest, while at the same time working a part-time job! What a gal!

From the start, Kerri has been a hard worker in her studies. She is not just a student in college, but she is still a high school student! Ms. Hard Worker will graduate with her Associate’s Degree by the end of her senior year in high school while maintaining a competitive grade point average (GPA) to lead her into practically any university of her choosing.

On the weekends, Kerri donates her time to learn leadership, teamwork, and law through the Palm Bay Police Explorer Program. Furthermore, Kerri volunteers with the community and earns about 100 hours each school year.

When Kerrianna is not working, volunteering, or studying, she edits the articles you read on this website, as well as, assists with website marketing. She is not sure what career path she will undertake in the future, but she is confident that all of her activities will show her what she truly loves and aspires to be.

We cannot thank Kerri enough for her hard work.

-The High School Digest Team

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