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A Job in high school and college

You have to be a certain type of person in order to get your first job in high school. A job can, and will take up your time and they expect you to have an open availability for any time you aren’t in school. However, most teenagers in high school have more priorities than just school. On top of that, you still have school! Homework, tests, quizzes, notebook checks, reading assignments, and more. Having a job on top of all of that takes a certain type of person.

It has to do with how busy you are, (or think you are), how well you are doing in school, and how much you can handle. If you’re anything like me, you will be stretched in 20 different directions and allow to be stretched in even more. Accept that you can’t make everyone happy and do what is important to you. Your friends, family, significant other, or whomever, will understand. And let’s be honest, the reason we all want a job is because we all want/need money!

Money…. If you’re around the age of 16, then driving a car is probably on your mind. And your parents’ station wagon probably wouldn’t be your first choice. Maybe you want money to buy a car, or to buy clothes, or just so you don’t have to ask your parents for money all time. Either way, money is the main object and you have to prioritize how badly you may think you need it. What’s more important? Having a few bucks to spend now, or failing your classes and not being able to get a job later in life because you couldn’t go to college with those grades…

Speaking from experience, a job will take up your time and restrict what you want to do, greatly. It will definitely impede on your school work, your time for any extracurricular activities, and time for friends or family. If you can afford that time, then go out and snag that job. If you can’t, then it IS OKAY. Getting a job in high school isn’t for everyone and it takes a certain kind of person. Lots of parents say, “We want you to focus on your studies,” and there is nothing wrong with that. So before you go jumping into a job, make sure you’re ready and able.
If you’re ready to accept the responsibility, then commit to it. If you want the job then you have to show that manager that you REALLY want the job. Don’t just apply to 10 places and sit and wait. You need to make phone calls, walk in and ask to speak to the manager, ask for the status of your application, and bug them! A squeaky wheel gets the oil. Your name on a piece of paper, with no job experience, doesn’t say “HIRE ME”. (Click here to learn how to create a resume). So you have to speak for yourself. Your availability with school and your other extra curricular activities probably doesn’t scream ‘Hire me’ either. Give them a reason. Show initiative and build a bond with the employer. Walk in and ask if they’re hiring. If they aren’t, then now you know to move on and commit to another establishment. Don’t give up and don’t quit. The best way to snag a job is through networking. Basically, you gotta know a guy. Maybe you have a friend who works there and can talk you up to a manager. They will be way more likely to hire you if you’re already friends with the employees, especially if they say you would be good for the job. So make friends, NETWORK, commit, and show leadership. If you’ve taken all these steps to decide you want this job, then prove it. If you do that, I can guarantee you’ll get the job you’re looking for.


-Kerrianna, Freshman

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