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Have you ever thought about change?

Thought about what would happen if you switched schools or switched classes? Many people, especially teenagers are afraid of change. Afraid of something new, in other words, afraid of the unknown. But who can blame you if you feel this way, everyone likes to know what they are getting into right? Right! But sometimes, the old just gets too… umm, well, old! And when this happens, we should find something new to not only replace the old, but the crucial element of bettering the old! Let me share a story with you to help you understand:


A summary of the book, “Who Moved My Cheese,” By Spencer Johnson, M.D.


Once upon a time, two humans and two mice lived in a maze. Their whole life was spent in this maze and all they knew was that they needed cheeze to live, but they had to find the cheese to live. So, everyday they would wake up, search through the maze for cheese, and then head home by the time it got dark to sleep for the night. Then, the next morning they would wake up and search yet again.

This searching for cheese lasted for ages and the humans and the mice were starting to get very hungry. But one day, they found cheese! They found a spot in the maze where MASSIVE amounts of cheese lay. Because of this, they moved their base camp to where this cheese laid and ate it. They got into the habit of eating cheese every day. Waking up, eating, going to sleep, waking up, eating, and so on. But eventually, the cheese started to go bad. The cheese did not taste as good and the amount of cheese left was very low.

The mice saw this coming so they started searching everyday for new batches of cheese. The humans however, did not. They stayed. They found the cheese they were looking for their whole lives and did not want to change. They did not want to risk losing what they currently had!

One day,  the mice left in the early morning and never came back, which left the two humans alone. Jeff, the smarter one, realized the mice probably found new cheese, so he tried to convince Tom, the dumber one, to go look for cheese with him. However, Tom did not want to look for cheese. He was scared to lose the little cheese he had left and he was scared of finding out what lies in the maze.

After several weeks, Jeff realized the cheese was really starting to stink. He told Tom he was leaving to find more cheese. Tom just called him an idiot and waved goodbye to Jeff. Jeff said his goodbyes and parted ways. Jeff searched and searched and searched some more. He started to become hungry and nervous that Tom was right. But it was too late! Jeff was lost!

Jeff decided he would keep looking for the cheese and it payed off! Jeff found the mice eating a new batch of cheese. He was so happy and the cheese was fresh so it tasted great. Jeff wondered if he should go back for Tom or if Tom would ever find him, but Jeff couldn’t. He had no idea where Tom was anymore and Tom would never go searching for the fresh cheese.


There you have it people. A story about change. What should we take away? Don’t be a Tom. Embrace change because you never know what you are missing! The grass is always greener on the other side. Keep shooting for high goals even after you think you have reached your potential.



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