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Photo Credit Why I Started The High School Digest   Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Six Rules to Success: Trust Yourself Break Some Rules Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Work Like Hell Give Something Back   I was in my college dorm room thinking about making a personal website as a way to be different in the sea of medical school applicants, but to me, I wanted it to be more. Something more than just an online resume. So I thought to myself, “a blogging website?” “Nooooooo…” But then, I began to think about a website where I can help high school students be successful in high school, college, and beyond. I have always liked the idea of becoming a role-model, being my own boss, and making my own schedule. And this idea of The High School Digest seemed to be the way there. I continue to blog every week, as well as, […]

Wanna become a millionaire?   Dave Ramsey is one of the most popular financial coaches out there and he tells us exactly how to do it! Here’s a link to his blog about how to become a millionaire as a teenager! Why should you follow his advice? The most important tip anyone can tell you about saving money for the retirement and just in general, is START EARLY! The earlier the better!   I apologize for the short blog about this topic, but Dave Ramsey explains it well, not to mention, The High School Digest Team are not experts when it comes to finances! Explore his website to learn more important financial tips you should know!   -Aaron, Founder

Are You Truly Prepared? We all know those movies. You see the trailer and you think, “Wow! Comedy, romance, action, and a good plot line! This movie is amazing!” Then you wait a month for it to come out and you gather your squad, buy your twelve dollar ticket, and a popcorn that’s three sizes too big and sit down for the movie. As the movie plays, you start to think, “Is this really the funny, sweet, intelligent movie that the preview showed??” By the end of the movie, you find yourself wondering how in the world the trailer looked so good because the trailer barely reflected the movie! This is what an interview is like, except YOU’RE the movie and the interviewer is the viewer. Your interview is the trailer and your performance in the job is the movie. Interviews can be overwhelming because there’s no playbook that says […]

Oh the prom. If you grew up watching the Disney Channel, like me, you know that the quintessential time in a young person’s life is prom. Every movie with a high school story finds a way to make prom the climax, the pinnacle, of the movie. Even for you guys, I was told that, “Prom is awesome because if you have a tux with a breast pocket, whenever you reach in there you feel like James Bond!” For girls, it’s the night that you get to be the princess you’ve never been able to be; you do your hair, your wear a beautiful ball gown. You spend months planning the perfect night and you take your pictures and dance the night away and before you know it, you’re hanging your dress back on its hanger and putting your tux back into the bag. Prom is a Cinderella sort of night, […]

Is Caffeine Really Worth It? Close your eyes and imagine sitting on your bed with your laptop in your lap. Imagine having multiple tabs open, a textbook open to your right, and notes scattered around you. It’s the final day of exam week. You start to nod off and you grab a coke and start to catch up on some of that reading that you’ve been putting off. Midnight passes, your eyes start to burn, and you yawn every couple of minutes. You shake yourself awake and come to the realization you still have a couple more chapters to read and more notes to review. You also have an essay to finish but you don’t even want to think of that. You brew a pot of coffee and drink two, three cups and you finally pep up. You think you’ve studied sufficiently and feel exhausted but simultaneously hyper and alert. […]

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Take five minutes to read this article and you will be well on your way to finding the answer!   My father has always expressed to me, “find what you love to do and then find a way to make money doing it.” Let this quote stick to you, because it is so very true. You will never have to work a day in your life, if you love what you do. Pretty simple right? During this greatly constructed article, we will look into today’s job market for what you should be looking into, give you a few ideas, then dig into the specifics on how to pinpoint what job out there is right for your personality. Now let’s get this straight. I am no professional of course, I mean, I am just a college student after all and the […]

Paradigms (your perspective) – What You See Is What You Get. – The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy   Surely everyone has heard the saying, “you don’t know someone until you have walked in their shoes.” If you haven’t, then now you have! But the way this quote is worded is using a metaphor, a comparison of a person’s shoes for their actual paradigm (pair-uh-dime). In other words, their perspective of the world, how their own optical lens is seeing and interpreting the events and adventures of the human race. Now, I can almost guarantee that you have at some point in your life said to yourself, “I can’t do this anymore,” or “why is this happening to me?” Well, I am about to change your life and change your paradigm because coming up are the ways to construct a new perspective, a new life. To start, there are different classes of paradigms, […]

We have all been there, the teacher reminds you your test is tomorrow and you freak out! You forgot about this test and you don’t know anything! So what do you do? Well, you do what any other student does in this situation, you go home, cry a little, and then get cramming to earn that grade! For some tests, this may work for you, but in others, where you have Ms. Hardy McHardHard’s class a late night cram is not going to cut it. So what do you do? Let me tell you. Let me show you HOW TO HACK YOUR STUDYING.   Hack #1: Making Connections Let’s start off with some base knowledge on how your brain works. Your brain is made up of connections; connections of cells called neurons. They communicate with one another using chemical and electrical signals. Why is this important, well if you think […]

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