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Professional Goals
  1. Pass Advanced Topics Next Year
  2. Keep a 3.0 to get into Dual Enrollment
  3. Graduate High School with an AA Degree
  4. Get my Bachelor’s in Psychology/Business Management
  5. Apply to the Police Academy
  6. Complete my senior project to have a diploma of distinction
  7. Get a job – Disney Castmember in College
  8. Become a sergeant in Police Explorers before I leave
Habit Goals
  1. Cut back on soda
  2. Read as often as I used to
  3. Sleep at least 8 hours a night
  4. Have a regular exercise regiment
  5. Start saving for college
Fitness Goals
  1. Get through bootcamp without feeling like I am dying
  2. Be able to do a pull up
  3. Do 25 solid pushups
Fun Goals
  1. Skydive
  2. Go to a glowpaint Party
  3. Travel out of the country
  4. Attend Carnival in Brasil
  5. Be an annual passholder at Disney every year
Financial Goals
  1. Apply for scholarships
  2. Save for college
  1. Be more confdent



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