Photo Credit under Creative Commons I mean if you honestly think about it, it is. Why? Because you’re stupid kids. At least, that’s what the school administration thinks. Before I get into this, I just want tell you something that happened at my high school. I was walking to who knows where… (I did whatever I wanted pretty much). And I noticed the principal walking towards a school assembly. He had just finished a conversation with a friend and was walking away from his friend, but his bestie said something kind of weird. This guy said, “Time to kiss babies and shake hands!” Telling the principal that it was time to put on his politician face for this school assembly. Is school really like a mini country or prison? Do we really think we have power over our school? Most of all, why the f*ck does the school principal have […]

Photo Credit Everyone who is trying to sell you something (the smarter salespeople) tell you the EXACT SAME THING and to be honest, it really annoys the crap out of me. I cannot tell you how many websites I’ve been on, videos I have watched, or emails I have gotten saying: “This is the 100% way to achieve this..” or, “Other websites don’t tell you exactly how to…, but we will clearly lay out how to… and state the facts nobody wants to say!” This is an epidemic and this is wrong. Why? BECAUSE NONE OF THEM ARE TRUE. Honestly, it’s all bullsquirt to get you to dig deeper and end up buying whatever they are selling, or just go to their website/video to get ad revenue. Yeah sure, they may have somewhat good advice for whatever you are looking into, but in essence, it’s all the same on every […]

So school has sprung. Woo… (not.) But with learning math lessons, comes learning social lessons. Homecoming is quickly approaching, and Prom may be upcoming this year for you too. I’ve been there and done that so here’s my 10 tips for surviving your school dances.   How to survive the dance: Tip #1: “I don’t dance.” -Shut the f*ck up, yes you do. Man up and dance with your friends or girlfriend/boyfriend. You will have to dance when you get married. Might as well practice now. I used to say the same thing until I actually danced with my girlfriend and I had a blast! And you know what? There are a lot of people that cannot dance. I remember when my sister went to prom with her boyfriend at the time, and he complained how he couldn’t dance. Well, guess what? He had an amazing time AND he danced! […]

Photo Credit Facebook. The site that contains all different kinds of people: the people that get offended, the grandmother’s that don’t know how to use the internet, the argumentative people, and even the person that just shares cute puppy videos all day. Currently in our world there is a problem on Facebook. Especially during the 2016 presidential race. The problem is Facebook arguing. People now, more than ever are arguing in comments like there is no tomorrow and I know the foolproof way to win every single one. 100% guaranteed. In all Facebook arguments, one thing is for certain. NOBODY EVER WINS. Most of the time both parties are salty, butthurt, and their opinion on the topic of discussion never changed as well. So what do you do? After studying hundreds of cases, I have finally figured it out. Don’t participate. Simple. You’re welcome. Facebook arguments ruin friendships, ruin precious […]

From the moment we are set off into this world we are told that going to college, getting a degree, and going to a certain career path is considered being successful. What if I told you college is a waste of time? What if I told you, there is another form of education that will lead you towards great money and the ability to set your own schedule? It’s possible. And it’s actually pretty common. It’s a blue collar job. “Whoa whoa whoa Aaron. That’s not success. Those blue collar jobs are lower middle class Americans. They’re dumb people who couldn’t make it in college!” You are so wrong. They are the hardest workers out there and they can make great money and make a great living. Let me tell you how and why. You see a blue collar job can easily be made into your own business. Let’s take […]

Photo Credit “I just want a job. Anything.” I feel like that’s something every teenager says when they are looking for their first occupation. Really what they mean is, I want money. And yes, I get it, but think about it for a second. Wouldn’t you much rather do some research on job opportunities and land a career rather than work at Joe Blow’s Fast Food Restaurant? I am here to tell you that it is possible out there to land a job and easily make it into a livable career without a college degree. (I recommend getting a degree, of course). Honestly speaking, it’s actually pretty simple to make a job a career. First, land a low job with that company, give them your time, and then the benefits will hit as well as promotions. Here’s how I know this… Publix, where shopping is a pleasure. That is the […]

Photo Credit 100% legit. Doctor Recommended. Take once a day… Pokemon Go. Now don’t look at me like that. I am being forrealzies. I ran 5 miles today because of that game. MY DANG GIRLFRIEND IS LUCKY so, I spent my time running to open a 10km egg! (I only got halfway -.-) So here’s how the once a day Pokemon Go pill works. Get some friends to play the game with you and be extremely competitive. Eventually you’ll find yourself walking around to catch a sick new Pokemon or walking in general to open an egg for another sick Pokemon! I guarantee you that it works! (Of course, not if you eat cake 24/7) BUT! By 2020, all childhood obesity will be abolished in the United States. By 2070, it is predicted that every child’s calf in the United States will be toned AF.   My future plans I […]

Photo Credit “Video games cause violence!”   That is a myth so let’s get that out of the way real quick. There is no evidence to support this claim, according to a recent social psychology class at the University of Central Florida. Now that we know video games do not necessarily lead to violence in children or teenagers, let’s dig a bit further. Are video games actually beneficial to play? Do the pros outweigh the cons? As I write this, I will admit, I am playing Pokemon Go. I mean, I have incense active and a lucky egg. Am I just supposed to put it away? NO! So con, it is a distraction. There is no argument against that. Especially if you are a competitive person and your girlfriend currently is beating you in the game. (Ahem, Kerri). I don’t know about you all, but whenever I get into a […]

Photo Credit The world is not all rainbows and butterflies. Seems pretty self-explanatory, right? However, this goes much farther than the typical ups and downs in life that everyone experiences. And nobody is out there to serve your interest, only you. What I mean is, there is no straight path to being successful. In fact, if you talk to anyone who is successful, usually they failed many times before they got there. Really, there is nobody out there concerned for your interests (except your parents and me of course! :)) Let me expand on this, your guidance counselor is supposedly the one that is looking out for your interests, but they have interests too! Don’t you think they would look better to their boss if they got all of their students into college or a really good college like Harvard? Yes! But, for some students that isn’t their best interest. Harvard […]

Photo Credit Why I Started The High School Digest   Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Six Rules to Success: Trust Yourself Break Some Rules Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Work Like Hell Give Something Back   I was in my college dorm room thinking about making a personal website as a way to be different in the sea of medical school applicants, but to me, I wanted it to be more. Something more than just an online resume. So I thought to myself, “a blogging website?” “Nooooooo…” But then, I began to think about a website where I can help high school students be successful in high school, college, and beyond. I have always liked the idea of becoming a role-model, being my own boss, and making my own schedule. And this idea of The High School Digest seemed to be the way there. I continue to blog every week, as well as, […]

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