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Drama sucks. Especially if you’re in it. On a side note, I can’t believe Becky is basically a stripper. Like whoa, she has a wad of cash. … Back on topic, do you honestly think drama stops after high school? After college? Heck no! It never ends! There is always going to be something to talk about. Becky is always going to be dating another guy. Fred is always going to punch Bob. And Weird Wally is always going to be eating glue in the corner. Furthermore, people love to know about it, not to mention talk about it! Why? …Because it is something every human has in common! Everyone shares that gene! Quite honestly, if it was actually apart of the human DNA I wouldn’t be surprised. Too bad it’s not a recessive gene.

So now you know drama never ends. What now? Well, let’s see, DEAL WITH IT, AND STAY AWAY FROM IT. There is nothing wrong with knowing about drama. It does give us satisfaction of knowing about it. Who doesn’t like to informed?! But the problem arises when you spread it too. Don’t be that guy. It can not only get you in trouble, but you are the problem!

What if you get caught in the drama? Depending on the drama, I mostly recommend laying low. Don’t talk about it, don’t spread it. People are going to talk about it and you have to understand that. If people ask you, it’s up to you to tell them, but if it’s putting you in a bad light just say you can’t talk about it. It’s stressful, trust me. I could probably say everyone has been there.

Ready for the bomb drop? The best piece of advice ever for stress, drama, and for general negative situations… —-Whatever is going to happen, is going to happen. Stressing over it does nothing, but of course stress you out! Recognize the stress, and deal with it accordingly to do your best to fix the situation… In other words, it is what it is. If it’s drama, IT WILL BLOW OVER.


*I am a stripper. Don’t tell anyone*

Peace out Eagle Fam!


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