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Writer: Adrianne Adkins

Aaron Shishilla – Founder

Where shall I start? Well, the picture above (me holding c-spine on a recent car crash victim) explains a lot about me! Expounding, I strive to achieve my endeavors in becoming an entrepreneur, as well as, I work with the Police Explorers to save lives. Besides my main activities, I volunteer, work a part-time job, and write for this website!

While in high school, I was apart of the Police Explorers and progressed through the rank structure all the way to the head supervisor. The program meant a lot to me; it taught me leadership, patience, how to deal with failure, and much much more. I cannot thank the advisers of the Palm Bay Police Explorer Post enough for what they have done for me.

After I left high school, I went off to college and had to leave behind my role-models with the explorer post. But with one door closing, another opened, and I began creating this website during my freshman year of college. Not to mention, the boring stuff of going to classes and taking exams. Before going into college, I knew what I wanted to do, but since then, because of life, things change.

My major now is Integrated Business at the University of Central Florida. To grasp what this means think of a general business degree or a degree for small to medium business owners.

I still try to involve myself with the Police Explorers as much as I can because of what they have done for me. I volunteer with the post on the weekends, and help coach their shooting team for their annual state competition. Furthermore, I am actively on this website trying to help you all! 🙂

Overall, I created this website to help high school students reach their dreams. And who knows what this website will do. Life works in mysterious ways.




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