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Have you ever heard the saying, “Happiness is a journey, not a destination”? Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Someday I will do this…” Or “Once I do this… I will be happy.” I used to tell myself that every day when I woke up. I hated high school and I just couldn’t wait until college! But now that I am in college, I say to myself, “Once I graduate I will be happy and have my dream job.” It is common human thinking, but it is the wrong thinking. You are always looking to the future saying that is when you will be happy. However, you never will be happy! The only way you will be happy is if you live in the moment, otherwise, you will always be looking to improve something! I.E. A new house, new car, kids, a new job, etc… The saying, “Happiness is a […]

You have friends in high school, right? …I didn’t… but that doesn’t matter. Anyway, say goodbye to those friends! They don’t matter. Yup. Becky, from your English class, she does not matter. That hot guy, Jake, in your science class, he does not matter. Wanna know why? I’ll tell you anyway. BECAUSE OF COLLEGE! And life. As much as you would like to stay in contact with your friends you can’t. The reason is because everyone goes in their own direction. Everyone goes where is best for them and in return, they find a new group! They find new friends and become busy with their new life in college. (I cannot tell you how many times I have seen friendships die off). So, what’s the point of this update? Don’t cling to your friends too much. There is a 99.9999% chance you will split up with them and go off […]

Why are you even wasting your time reading this list when you could be doing what you should be doing?! …You’re pathetic!!! …Just Kidding 🙂 Set realistic goals/plan. Make a friend keep you on track by telling you to work. Set events/alarms to complete a section of the project. Often the hardest part of conquering procrastination is getting started. So, if you get started and complete a good portion of your project it’s much easier to finish it sooner rather than later. A good way to get started is to start the assignment right after it is assigned. This is because you are most motivated at that time to complete it. Eliminate distractions at your workplace. I recommend working at a library, it worked wonders for me. Use alarms to make you work for an hour and then take a ten-minute break. Rinse and repeat. Motivate yourself to complete it […]

My family recently adopted a German Shepherd named Niko. The family he came from had a line of cages outside for dogs and were desperate to get rid of him. (Obviously some bad pet owners) We had planned to find Niko another home more suitable because we already had two Golden Retrievers, however, Niko seemed to be a great fit. After a few weeks, Niko started to show his true colors. He was aggressive towards our other male dog (Max), people he did not know, and even towards us in certain occasions. It seemed we had tried everything to help Niko. We contacted a trainer over the phone who gave advice and set up an appointment with him. Niko was only getting worse. He growled at us almost everyday, as well as, aggressed towards Max everyday. A day before our appointment with this trainer, the trainer cancelled. It was devastating. […]

So your teacher asks you to write another paper. Five pages long… Sucks right? Well, not so much if you know the secret! Typically, papers are written in Times New Roman font, but most of the time your teacher will not specify the type of font that is required. That means you are free to use whatever font you’d like! Including, the best of them all. Known as… Courier New. Courier New font is special. Courier New gives each letter the same amount of space. So when I’s are just a single line, they take up the same amount of space as the letter M or O. This makes for your papers to become much longer than they would be if you typed in Times New Roman. The best part, your teacher has no clue. It’s pretty fantastic if you ask me. I used it all through high school and […]

Photo Credit Under Creative Commons License Don’t you feel bad for those less fortunate? Or think to yourself, if we just did this… it would solve world hunger. Well, let me tell you something it will never be solved. It’s not possible. There will always be poor people. In fact, it is the same reason why everyone cannot go to college. Let me explain. Let’s say everyone went to college, everyone would have a degree. If everyone has a degree, how do employers make choices on who is a better fit for their business? They can’t. At least not by a degree alone. So the degree becomes worthless in a sense. If everyone has a degree, the degree is WORTHLESS. Therefore, to show you are a better applicant to employers you will get a Master’s Degree, instead of just a bachelor’s. Now back to poverty. If everyone who was poor […]

The challenge: A Facebook video suggested millennials pay too much attention to their phones. (Funny how I found it while scrolling through my feed.) Watch it here. Also, that phones can be addicting to us, causing sadness when we are away from them just as an alcoholic would experience a withdrawal from alcohol. So we are here to see if we can go a month (maybe more) without using our phones when we are bored. AKA we can use our phones for their intentions (to stay in contact) but we cannot look at our phones while in a social setting, such as dinner, while Kerri and I are together, or just when we are plain bored. Instead, we must find something else to occupy our minds like: thoughts or socializing. We expect a short term drop in happiness due to withdrawal, but a long term increase in happiness due to […]

Almost everyone grows up with the constant voice in their head saying “Do your best” because that’s what your mother would want. However, every mother’s vision of “your best” is different. Some children are told that if they aren’t receiving straight A’s across their report card, that means they aren’t even trying. That they might as well slap their mother in the face rather than bring home a B. Other students’ parents are more understanding and believe that teachers can be at fault as well. Or maybe it is just a difficult subject for them to grasp, and getting a C is an accomplishment. Away from the single subject of school, students are expected to be involved in extracurricular activities. In fact, from personal experience, these extracurricular activities include: Police Explorers, National Honor Society, taking college classes at my high school, and at the community college during summer and the […]

Drama sucks. Especially if you’re in it. On a side note, I can’t believe Becky is basically a stripper. Like whoa, she has a wad of cash. … Back on topic, do you honestly think drama stops after high school? After college? Heck no! It never ends! There is always going to be something to talk about. Becky is always going to be dating another guy. Fred is always going to punch Bob. And Weird Wally is always going to be eating glue in the corner. Furthermore, people love to know about it, not to mention talk about it! Why? …Because it is something every human has in common! Everyone shares that gene! Quite honestly, if it was actually apart of the human DNA I wouldn’t be surprised. Too bad it’s not a recessive gene. So now you know drama never ends. What now? Well, let’s see, DEAL WITH IT, […]

Photo Credit If you are like most teenagers, you stay up late at night (possibly doing that 20 page paper you procrastinated on) and then you have to wake up in the early morning to go to school. BUT… you stayed up late so that equals sleeping in later because you are so tired and in return you rush out the door skipping breakfast. Is this a bad habit? How bad is it really for you? Well, I ain’t no scientist, and I ain’t no good Englisher either, however, I can tell you from personal experience about the wonders of breakfast. As a freshman, I was like most. I never ate breakfast and I would have my first meal at lunch. I was never really hungry until then; I was also a little bit chubby. However, my mother always told me I should eat breakfast, but of course, I gave […]

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