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My name is Adrianne Adkins and I’m a junior at UCF studying biomedical and cognitive science. So, now that you know where I am now, let’s go back to the beginning.

I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and lived there for 10 years. Then, I moved to Shreveport, Louisiana and lived there for 4 years…I learned the importance of mardi gras and just how good beignets are! In eighth grade I moved to Oviedo, Florida and have been living here since. I went to Hagerty High School (go huskies!) and loved every minute. I ended up only spending three years there because the summer before my senior year, they told me that I don’t need any more classes to graduate so I ended up just graduating with a 4.8 GPA. I love academia and did 21 AP classes in my three years at Hagerty and was a member of 7 honor societies. These AP classes have allowed me to start at UCF as a junior and finish my Bachelor of Science in a year and a half which means that I will have a double doctorate at 23I volunteered at the Seminole County Library and Winnie Palmer and Arnold Palmer Hospital which I absolutely loved. This experience made me realize my love of children and the miraculous role that doctors play in a person’s life and this experience made me realize that I would love to get into the healthcare field. I have always had a love for the brain and decided that a perfect marriage of those passions is pediatric neurology. In my semester at UCF, I have also become a member of three research teams with wonderful mentors that have introduced me to multiple facets of neurological research. I am interested in an MD/PhD program because I l want to do further research in neurogenesis and neuroplasticity as well as a practicing physician with my own clinic. I absolutely love writing and am excited to write for the high school digest as well as seeing where this project will go and the lives that it will touch.

-Adrianne Adkins, Junior, Class of 2018

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